Burnout Textile Block -Fringe

Burnout Textile Block -Fringe


The story doesn’t end here, you choose the destiny of where this textile block will reside!

Inspired by burning memories, Michelle integrates Native american heirloom jewelry from her personal collection gifted to her by her mother into eye-catching textile blocks. This particular necklace held a happy memory when initially gifted, and then as years went by sad memories followed. Using the power of the sun, photo-sensitive dye creates the burn-out effect ultimately embedding the memory of what once was into the physical object.

*Please see page of suggested uses, possibilities are endless! Textile blocks could sit happily in a frame on the wall, become your best cuddle buddy on a pillow case, or follow you endlessly on the back of a coveted jacket. Just go for it! These make great gifts for your crafty friends.

Product Details: 100% pre-shrunk cotton denim

Measurements: 8.5" W X 8.5" H

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