The Woman’s Knife

The Woman’s Knife


Obviously we’re huge fans of the “woman’s knife” if you couldn’t tell. Each Ulu from this limited edition collaboration was handcrafted by Tlingit artist Mary Goddard from her Sitka Alaska studio. This copper ulu is cut, sanded, and polished with love before being inspected for any extra needed care. Next up, the handle portion is finished with silver rivets and pounded, leaving a hammered texture. Lastly a patina heat finish is applied which leaves each piece with a unique spectrum of color washing over the surface. Over time, this treatment will change with the wearer. Living in a time in where being a woman is so important and powerful, I feel that each piece in its own way is an outward manifestation of the great potential in each woman.

Being attached to a beautiful hammered silk charmeuse ties back to the hammered handle on the hardware, and allows the wearer to have the option of using as a pendant choker, or tying around the wrist for a more customizable look. 

Product Details: 

Hardware -Copper with Silver rivet inlay

Measurements: 1”Height x 1 ½” Width 2mm thickness

Neck Tie –Hammered silk charmeuse 

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